Leverage to Scale member Jon Schumacher gained back an additional 4-5 hours per week to spend on projects that move the needle in his business!
Jon Schumacher is a webinar coach and online marketing consultant who has coached clients to earn millions of sales dollars. He is also the founder of Marketing Mastery Media Inc., a digital marketing agency that focuses on building both live and automated webinar funnels for coaches, consultants and other agencies.
Jon Schumacher
CA, Webinar Coach, Online Marketing Consultant & Founder of Marketing Mastery Media
Leverage To Scale member Renee Suzanne saw a 40% increase in website traffic in only 7 weeks!
Renee Suzanne is a coach for smart, successful women who want to have lasting love. Her main frustration was marketing her business and figuring out how to best use her time to gain better exposure.

I was pushing out old blog posts to my list instead of creating new content. I just wasn’t sure what the best use of my time was or how to get my name out there.

While Renee had confidence in Leverage To Scale, she was hesitant to make the investment. After all, so many business owners have spent thousands of dollars on products and programs that promise huge results – and just don’t deliver. Renee shared her concerns:

My main hesitation was the investment. I was sure it was a good product, but worried that it wouldn’t work.

After using the system for several weeks, Renee was noticing results. She saw a 40% increase in her website visitors, a 14% increase in Facebook followers and higher email click-through rates. Here’s what else Renee has to say about Leverage To Scale:

What I like most is that it’s super efficient, easy to use and totally plug and play for my VA, who is awesome. My VA and I are working well together. I also started running some FB ads, and that should help even more!

Renee Suzanne
IN, Lasting Love Coach
LeveragetoScale member Isaac Oakeson is enjoying consistent growth of his social following and website visitors since getting started!
Isaac Oakeson is a business owner, civil engineer and father. His demanding schedule made consistent marketing efforts nearly impossible.
Isaac Oakson
Leverage To Scale member Naomi Sodomin nearly doubles her email subscriber list and monthly website visits – all within 3 weeks of getting started!
Naomi Sodomin is a business owner, best-selling author and transformational coach with a ton on her plate. Her biggest marketing frustration was not having the time to get it all done – or not knowing exactly how to track her metrics.
Naomi Sodomin
CA, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach
Leverage To Scale member Garric Vosloo achieves a 142% increase in YouTube followers in less than 3 months!
Garric Vosloo is a big influencer in the world of functional medicine. He’s a Functional Medicine Physiotherapist, creator of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program and the Ultra Athlete Project, triathlete, trail runner, father and husband. Needless to say, Garric doesn’t have a ton of free time on his hands. He’s too busy helping patients and influencing so many others to live healthier. Garric’s biggest challenge was needing to overcome the pressure to get everything done and regain the head space he so badly needed.
Garric Vosloo
FL, Functional Medicine Physiotherapist, Creator of the Functional Medicine Fast Track Program
Leverage To Scale member Sandy Rocourt achieved follower growth across all of her social networks – all within 7 weeks of getting started!
Sandy Rocourt is a Resilience Life Coach who has made it her life’s work to give people the tools to recover from tragedy, stand up after setbacks and learn how to live, love and dream again. Her work is so important, and helping people is what she needs to be spending her time doing. So, you could imagine her frustration with having to create social media outlets on her own and perform other tasks that were keeping her from her true purpose.

When Sandy first heard about Leverage To Scale, she didn’t waste a moment hesitating.

There was no hesitation. I was open to having time to do my craft work.

Within Sandy’s first several weeks with Leverage To Scale, she saw a 50% increase in her Facebook followers, a 30% increase in her LinkedIn connections and a 25% increase in her Instagram audience. As if that weren’t enough, her website traffic started increasing as well. One of her favorite things about LTS?

I love being able to have someone help me with the social media outlets as I continue to grow and expand my business. It’s awesomeness.

Sandy Rocourt
NY, Resilience Life Coach
Leverage To Scale member Kim Clinkenbeard achieves a 23% increase in website visitors in only 5 weeks!
Kim Clinkenbeard is a bestselling author and fitness coach with a busy schedule and a need for the freedom to work on her business projects. Her biggest frustration was trying to fit a marketing strategy into her hectic schedule.

Kim admits that she was a little hesitant to take the plunge:

I was concerned about price and voice. I wanted to make sure my voice was heard and recognizable even though someone else was actually writing the blog posts.

Kim joined Leverage To Scale, and within the first several weeks, she was noticing results. Her Facebook following increased by 4.8%, she achieved an 8.3% increase in YouTube followers and her website traffic was coming in like never before.

Kim has shared that she feels Leverage To Scale is definitely doing what she’d hoped it would do. She now has the time to work on taking her business to the next level!

Kim Clinkenbeard
TX, #1 Bestselling Author & Fitness Coach
Leverage To Scale member Kathleen Flanagan increased her website traffic over 5,733% within her first 7 weeks!
Kathleen Flanagan is a business owner, certified aromatherapist and licensed esthetician. With a full schedule, her biggest frustration was not having the time to consistently market to her audience on her own.

Another concern was whether to make the investment.

I have spent so much money learning how to do social media and investing in programs, etc. where nothing was working. I was maxed out!

Kathleen saw the value of Leverage To Scale and decided to take the plunge.

Someone is helping me and guiding me along the way. I do the videos, my VA does the rest. I now have time to start other marketing campaigns and expand.

After less than 2 months with Leverage To Scale, the results were impressive. Kathleen’s Facebook following increased by over 44%, and she’s now growing her YouTube audience.

Here’s what else Kathleen has to say about Leverage To Scale:

I have never had an experience like this before. I may be wondering how I will pay for everything and yet, I know the money is there and then some. Just removing that monkey has been incredibly freeing for me. The VA I hired is doing an amazing job so far. My numbers are improving and I am getting engagement. I was even asked to speak at an event. WOW! I haven’t started marketing that yet because I still have some Infusionsoft / click funnel issues. Nothing major – all minor – but the VA who is an IS expert found them and they are being addressed as we speak. I am on a roll. The spa is moving, and I think my team is on its way so I can just spread my wings. Wow, wow, wow! Who knew? Again, thank you so much Amber for providing the answer I was so desperately looking for.

Kathleen Flanagan
CO, Certified Aromatherapist and Licensed Esthetician