Say What You Want to Say and Convert More Clients | Fast Track Video Ep #98


Do you know what you WANT to say, but you don’t know HOW to say it? Here’s a hint: Find out what you want to say…and SAY IT. That’s right…stop overthinking it, worrying about political correctness or the “cool kid” factor, and just SAY what you want to tell your target audience. I know you’re […]

#1 Key to Business Success – Be Yourself! | Fast Track Video Ep #75


I am coming to you with another personal message… sharing my #1 key to business success. The thing that “powers” my (and will power your) marketing, sales, and operations/fulfillment success. Without sounding lame, or cliché, or controversial I want to make clear that the quickest path to success for you and your business is… to […]