Complete Tasks in Bulk to Boost Your Business | Fast Track Video Ep #46


I’m sharing a tip today that is going to save you so much time and energy … all while reducing stress and overwhelm!  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This tip is all about completing your tasks in bulk (where you can) and is something I’ve been implementing in my business for years. You can implement this […]

5 Amazing Business Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier! | Fast Track Video Ep #44


You’re gonna love this one!  I’m sharing 5 business tools that I personally use – and LOVE! – that make running your online business so much easier.  You’ll increase productivity, reduce stress and easily stay on top of deadlines so that nothing falls through the cracks! There are so many choices out there that it can […]

How to Stop Using Filler Words | Fast Track Video Ep #40


Are you letting filler words get in the way of your message?  What’s a filler word?  Um, you know what, like, a filler word is.  They’re those little words (not even always actual words….lol) that we often use to fill uncomfortable pauses or silence.  Most of the time, we’re not even aware that we’re using […]

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Better Exposure | Fast Track Video Ep #36


Are you looking to master Facebook marketing to grow your audience and get more exposure?  I’ve had many clients come to me asking how it all works.  I know first-hand how complicated it can be. With profile pages, business pages and groups, it definitely gets confusing.  Many people aren’t sure how they’re supposed to use profiles, pages […]

7 Tips to Effective Copywriting | Fast Track Video Ep #26


Does the very thought of copywriting fill you with dread and doubt?  Well, I’m here to tell you that effective copywriting is within reach! When you get down to it, it’s all about connecting. But so many people become so worried about trusting their voice and delivering correctly, that they lose sight of what really matters. […]

Goal-Setting That Works | Fast Track Video Ep #22


Are you already an expert at goal-setting?  Do you struggle setting (and sticking to) goals?  I’m sharing just a bit about how I go about it. … and I think it will be a huge help (or at the very least, a great reminder)! Whether aiming to facilitate a webinar with a thousand participants – […]

How to Organize Your Business for Maximum Efficiency | Fast Track Video Ep #21


Are you struggling to organize your business for optimal efficiency?  Putting in the hours to get it all under control now will result in smooth operations now and into the future! I think it’s safe to say that you likely have a gazillion documents that you need to keep straight.  Even if you haven’t hired a […]

Get Interviewed on Podcasts to Grow Your Business | Fast Track Video Ep #16


Are you looking to grow your online business while establishing yourself as an authority in your industry?  Say hello to podcasts!  By now, you’ve certainly heard of them, listened to them and might even have your own.  But I’d like to tell you how to get interviewed on podcasts and what you stand to gain. […]

Using the Power of Facebook Groups to Drive Traffic | Fast Track Video Ep #12


Are you taking full advantage of using Facebook groups to drive traffic to your website?  By now, you’re likely familiar with Facebook groups, but you might not yet be using them to your advantage. By that, I mean that you might not be using them to drive loads of traffic to your website.  There is […]