How to Stop Using Filler Words | Fast Track Video Ep #40

Are you letting filler words get in the way of your message?  What’s a filler word?  Um, you know what, like, a filler word is.  They’re those little words (not even always actual words….lol) that we often use to fill uncomfortable pauses or silence.  Most of the time, we’re not even aware that we’re using them.

Have you ever listened to someone speaking at an event, in the workplace … or even during a casual conversation … only to find yourself completely distracted by how many times he or she is uttering “ummm” or “so” or “like?”  It’s completely distracting and can make the speaker seem unprofessional or insecure.

You wind up being so focused on the distracting filler words, that you might be missing the important or valuable message being conveyed.

If you’re into public speaking or thinking about creating videos of yourself to use for business purposes, this is something you’ll want to pay close attention to.  You might be using fillers without knowing it.

Check out these really helpful tips that will make you aware of whether you have a habit to break.  🙂

Get ready to discover:

  • If you’re using filler words
  • How to ensure that people will focus on your message
  • How to break the habit

If you want to present yourself professionally and keep the focus on your message, then you should definitely set aside the time for this Fast Track video!

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