Leverage To Scale Marketing Strategy Hot Seat Featuring Stephanie Sims

I want to start by thanking you, Stephanie, for being willing to step into the Hot Seat with me with an open and coachable attitude. It was my absolute pleasure to connect with you today and get a bit of a deeper look inside the brilliant business you have created.🥰 Today’s conversation was FULL of value for any business owners looking to scale their business.

Today, Stephanie and I discuss:

📌 Building offers that convert

📌 Building “meaty” lead magnets

📌 Tying EVERYTHING your working on together

We would love to hear your take-away’s from today’s call in the comments below.👇 If you would be interested in participating in the next round of hot seats please reach out to Amber Kidd- Kidd.amber@ngngenterprises.com and she can get you added to the calendar. This is available to ALL community members.

Did you enjoy this Hot Seat? If so, could you do me a HUGE favor and share it with anyone you think could use this boost of motivation? I’d be forever grateful!


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