3 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Success


Are you struggling to build your email subscriber list? Clients come to me all the time asking what they need to do to attract more subscribers. Growing your list is a long-term strategy, but there are things you can do RIGHT NOW to start gaining traction and increasing those numbers. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity I […]

9 Awesome Tips to Make Video (+ Equipment Suggestions)


A big key to your online marketing success is in creating video. That’s not news. However, I know you’ve been STOPPED in your tracks because you don’t like the way you look on video, you’re scared, the technology overwhelms you, you make the excuse that you’re busy, etc. TODAY I’m going to give you a […]

How to Legally Use Images Online | Fast Track Video Ep #38


When’s the last time you used an image online?  Maybe you used one in your weekly newsletter?  Your blog?  Your social media pages? I have a really important question for you. Do you own the rights to that image? I really hope so because you can get fined up to $1500 (seriously!) per image that you […]

How to Pick the Perfect Webinar Platform | Fast Track Video Ep #34


What’s your favorite webinar platform?  Not sure?  Then this fast track training is definitely for you! Webinars are such a powerful way to promote your products, programs and services.  They have the potential for amazing conversion and allow you to really connect with your participants. Curious about how well they typically convert? The average conversion […]

Get Interviewed on Podcasts to Grow Your Business | Fast Track Video Ep #16


Are you looking to grow your online business while establishing yourself as an authority in your industry?  Say hello to podcasts!  By now, you’ve certainly heard of them, listened to them and might even have your own.  But I’d like to tell you how to get interviewed on podcasts and what you stand to gain. […]