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How to Legally Use Images Online | Fast Track Video Ep #38

When’s the last time you used an image online?  Maybe you used one in your weekly newsletter?  Your blog?  Your social media pages?

I have a really important question for you.

Do you own the rights to that image?

I really hope so because you can get fined up to $1500 (seriously!) per image that you use improperly.

You have to be sooo careful and know what’s ok … and what’s not ok.

This is why I’m explaining how to legally use images online.

Familiarizing yourself with the rules will ensure you stay far away from fines and legal trouble.

You’ll learn:

  • What you can get away with … and what you can’t
  • The best sources for safe-to-use images
  • Why you might want to avoid free stock photo sites (they can be tricky!)

Protect yourself and make sure you’re legally using online images by watching this convenient Fast Track video!

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2 Responses

  1. Ugh! Being an image consultant, I feel like my blog always needs at least one photo to demonstrate the point. Using images correctly has been a thorn in my side ever since I started my newsletter/blog. A tool I’ve found useful is Polyvore where you can make collages with clothing, furniture and lots more. It’s free and pretty easy to use (although it’s time consuming for me, as I’m not really an artist.)

    I’ve also used Google images that are labeled for reuse, but often they’re pretty cheesy! What I really don’t get though is all the blogs out there using photos from other sites. How do they get away with this? Are they all using them illegally? I have a colleague who actually got caught (before she knew better,) and had her fine reduced to $1000!

    1. Hi Dana,
      You’re right … with Elements of Image being such a visual site, you really have to be careful with those images! People get fined for illegal image use more than you might imagine. With countless online sites, it’s easy to think that no one will notice you. But I know many, many people who have gotten caught and had to pay fines as a result. It’s so important to use these images legally. I love Adobe Stock, as I find their image selection a little more “realistic” than those on some other stock photo sites.
      Much gratitude,

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