How to Create a Book Page That Converts | Fast Track Video Ep #90

book page

Does your book page spark excitement for readers and entice them to buy multiple copies of your book? If you’re even a little unsure, keep reading for easy tips to make your book page a converting work of art! My team and I have created hundreds of author websites for book launches, and over the […]

9 Awesome Tips to Make Video (+ Equipment Suggestions)


A big key to your online marketing success is in creating video. That’s not news. However, I know you’ve been STOPPED in your tracks because you don’t like the way you look on video, you’re scared, the technology overwhelms you, you make the excuse that you’re busy, etc. TODAY I’m going to give you a […]

How To Construct Your Video Content for Maximum Impact | Fast Track Video Ep #63

I’d like to share a video training with you today answering a question that comes from our NGNG community member, Dr. Garric Vosloo, that many business owners want to know. How do you construct your video content so that it creates an impact? You wouldn’t go on a road trip without directions, and you wouldn’t create […]

How to Create High-Quality Videos | Fast Track Video Ep #42


Grab a pen and some paper, and get ready to take notes because I’m teaching you how to create high-quality videos for your business!  My clients ask so many questions about this (which I love … keep asking away!), so I’m packing the answers into a quick and convenient 4-minute training video. Creating videos can […]