How To Construct Your Video Content for Maximum Impact | Fast Track Video Ep #63

I’d like to share a video training with you today answering a question that comes from our NGNG community member, Dr. Garric Vosloo, that many business owners want to know. How do you construct your video content so that it creates an impact? You wouldn’t go on a road trip without directions, and you wouldn’t create content without a plan. Why? because neither will get you very far. You need a plan. I always have a plan for my content. The good news? It’s surprisingly much easier than you’re probably thinking.

Check out this training to learn all the details:

Below are the highlights to my personal process, which I use to organize and execute ideas.

Map Out Your Content Plan

When I sat down to create my first batch of videos, I started with a blank piece of paper and created a content plan. Here’s how I was able to Develop a Content Plan in 5 Minutes. I started with my business topic and broke my business (expertise) down into primary category topics including branding, marketing, website, content, etc. Below the categories, I made a list of topics that I could talk about in relation to each of my category topics. For example, under marketing, I listed things like webinars, social media, etc.  


Now that I had the framework, I started brainstorming a list of things related to my topic and those categories. Things that past clients or prospects had asked me, anything and everything that I could think of … I added to my list. I had about 67 different topic ideas in less than five minutes.

Don’t Overthink It

From there, I looked at the list to determine what the easiest topic is. One that I could create effortlessly, with engaging delivery. One that I would be excited to deliver. I didn’t overthink it. I just picked one and moved forward.

Ready, Set, Serve

When I’m ready to make a video, based off of a topic from my list or answering someone from our community, my process is relatively the same.

  • Standard/scripted introduction
  • 3 to 5 bullet points of meaty content
  • Mostly standard outro

Seriously, that’s it!

In order to deliver the most service, value, and really create an impact, I try to think through the objections or questions that my audience will have around the topic. This helps me determine the 3-5 bullet points I want to cover during my video. I don’t script out the content. Not only is that time consuming, but I trust that I know my expertise and can be more authentic when delivering off the cuff.

Once I have my bullet points ready, I keep in mind a few key points.

Keep your energy levels up.

You don’t need to go overboard … just be you. People will be naturally drawn to your energy. If you’re being authentic, the right people will attract themselves to you. Video is awesome because it allows a potential client or customer to see if they will be a fit without investing too much time and energy.

Separate yourself from others by being of service.

There are people in your industry that are only giving out X amount of information for free, and everything else will come with a fee. If you can help answer these burning questions without charging a fee, your credibility and authority will increase.   

I know what you’re thinking, “But Amber, I am SO scared to be on video. What if it’s not perfect?” From my experience, people are far better in video than they think they are. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, and it’s unlikely that you need professional editing or videographer. Accept that nothing is perfect. You’re going to need to trust your experience and education are presented in a way that you are serving your audience. You’re just going to need to step out of your head on this one.

Remember, No Guts, No Glory!

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