3 Content Hacks for Video, Social Media, and Blogs | Fast Track Video Ep #86

We’ve all experienced the pressure of trying to develop valuable content to put out into the world. That’s why I’m sharing 3 content hacks that will make it so much easier for you to identify relevant topics and easily create content to share with your audience.

It seems like every time we sit down to create content, something happens to derail our progress. Our heads go blank the moment we’re trying to focus on what our audience wants. We start second-guessing our value and expertise. We question whether people even need to know what we want to share with them and assume that if it’s so important, they probably already know these things.

It’s time to stop doubting and start creating.

The more time you spend avoiding the inevitable (because we know how important an effective content plan is to growing your business!) and doubting yourself, the less time you have to serve your communities. Believe me, I know it’s hard to ignore that inner critic or get your creative juices flowing at times, but this is all about finding ways to reach your audience and provide them with high-value content that will help them achieve their goals. With the right mindset, it becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There are three hacks that I incorporate into my business routine that make my days easier and more productive. From a 5-minute planning exercise that can result in a year’s worth of video, social media and blog topics to some simple Google searching, you’ll likely make them part of your routine as well.

What’s so great is, these exercises declutter your mind and lead to even more ideas that will make the content you put out into the world even stronger.

In this video, I’m sharing:

  • An easy brainstorming exercise to create your official content plan in minutes
  • The key phrase to search in Google that will lead to dozens of topic ideas and high-value content
  • How to survey your audience and discover what they need

If you’re looking for a few simple hacks that will remove the pressure of content planning and make your audience happy, click play below and watch this video!

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