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Live Streaming Success: Improve OVERALL Experience to Maximize Reach and Engagement

Did you know that over EIGHTY percent of consumers would rather watch a live streaming video than read another blog post?

When I say video, and especially live streaming, is hot…I’m not exaggerating. The numbers don’t lie!

The reason I started a new division focused solely to help clients with viral live streaming is because of how STRONGLY I believe in the power of it. If you want to bypass the DIY method, feel free to send us a message at StandOut.Live today! We handle it ALL for you.

This week I wrap up the four-part series on improving your live streaming experience from every vantage point. Here’s a quick overview of the past video topics:

  • The host experience and how to maximize it by increasing your camera energy, shifting your mindset, and making it conversational.
  • The guest speaker experience and how to boost their performance by elevating every opportunity to deepen the connection between you.
  • The viewer experience and how to improve engagement through relationship-based promotions, moderating comments to encourage interaction, and continuing the communication AFTER the event ends.

Today’s Fast Track video, the final episode, ties everything up for you in a nice red bow by fine-tuning all the little details. The finishing touch to create a viral live stream event involves the following steps:

  • Consistent, regularly scheduled streaming events.
  • Using EVERY opportunity to elevate the experience from all vantage points.
  • Variety, variety, variety – case studies, solo workshops, client featured interviews, influencer panels, etc.
  • Document your journey for improvement and as a guide going forward.
  • Optimize the post descriptions and the YouTube video immediately afterward.
  • Extract out unique teaching points to share in your newsletter and promote the replay.

Live streaming isn’t a simple process, yet it is WORTH every minute of it. I hope this series has helped motivate you to jump in with both feet.

If you want to deliver the BEST overall experience, find a quiet corner, and settle in for this week’s Fast Track video. I’m excited for you to start your live streaming journey!

If you’re excited to try live streaming, but you just feel too overwhelmed doing it solo, let us help you! Reach out to schedule a chat at StandOut.Live and we can go from there.

Curious about the live streaming program I referenced in the video? Check it out HERE.

Did you find the video helpful? I hope so! I’d love to hear what stood out the most for you. Please share it in the comments section!

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