The ONE Thing You Need Before You Launch | Fast Track Video Ep #107

The ONE Thing You Need Before You Launch Your Book.

As you probably know, NGNG Enterprises has been around since 2007 and in that time, not only have we launched over 1000 experiential websites for authors and speakers, but we’ve also launched dozens and dozens of #1 bestselling books! 

Just last week we celebrated Justin Donald’s book, The Lifestyle Investor, which landed on the bestseller list for both Wall Street Journal (#1 baby!!) AND USA Today! Martin Lindstrom’s new book, The Ministry of Common Sense, also made Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list and landed #2 on the Wall Street Journal! 

In today’s Fast Track episode, I will tell you the ONE thing you need to do prior to your launch to maximize success!

At NGNG Enterprises, we definitely know a thing or two about how to prime the marketplace, so that when launch day comes, your audience is hungry to buy a copy of that book and get your bonuses-and not just on launch day. With our help, we make sure you’re prepared to recover from the investment of your book launch and to profit moving forward.

If you are launching or relaunching your book, there is ONE THING you must do before you launch that makes all the difference:  Check it out below: 

Curious about the book course I referenced in the video? Check it out HERE.
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