The Power of Genuine Testimonials and Compelling Social Proof

Testimonials are a powerful way to provide social proof and a clearer idea of what it’s like working with you to prospective clients.

As long as the testimonials are authentic and genuine, they’ll act like magnets for new qualified referrals.

I just finished an incredible podcast interview with Donald Kelly. I freaking LOVE this guy!! His show, The Sales Evangelist, is the place to go for actionable sales advice to grow your cash flow. You NEED to check his show out! Our conversation flowed so naturally with unique insights around referrals and how to get them.

Testimonials are an excellent way of obtaining quality clients consistently. People are often hesitant to ask for testimonials though, and we need to get you past that mindset today! You just need a solid system in place.

The first step in my system for pulling out authentic, heartfelt testimonials starts before someone even becomes my client. That’s right! The key to incredible, overwhelmingly positive testimonials is providing the service and experience that inspires it from the very beginning. Your branding, your website, and your social media marketing are all part of the first impression and must remain consistent with YOUR message.

In today’s Fast Track video, I explain some different scenarios and how each one is handled. Watch the video for specific examples and tips on the following:

  • WHEN to ask
  • HOW to ask
  • WHAT to do with them once you have them.

My method results in a variety of responses. I get short testimonials, long testimonials, video testimonials, and text testimonials. That’s okay with me because it’s REAL and not manufactured.

Don’t be afraid to ASK either. People love to help others and support the places where they do business.

Remember, no guts…no glory!

If you’re ready to have more referrals than you can even handle (always a great problem, right??), take a few minutes and watch today’s video.

Did you find the video helpful? I hope so! I’d love to hear what stood out the most for you. Please share it in the comments section!

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