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Three Things You Need to Focus on with Online Marketing | Fast Track Video Ep #105

“What is the most important thing that I should be focused on right now when it comes to online marketing?”

I get this question all the time about online marketing, which inspired this video. Here is the super short answer:

  • Positioning
  • Market share
  • Strategic collaborations

Whether you started your entrepreneurial journey last night or ten years ago, this advice applies to you!

In today’s Fast Track episode, I will teach you HOW to put all of this into action.

I’m going to say it loud and clear. THIS is what YOU need:

  • You need MORE of the market share.
  • You need to put yourself in the BEST position as a business owner.
  • You need to be CAREFUL who you align yourself with these days.

Now what? How do you get there?

Start by asking yourself this question: “What do I really want to say right now? What do I want to take a stand for?”

Think it over and write down your answer. You’ll use it as your compass going forward.

For me, it’s all about relationships and making strong connections. My stance is to teach others how to elevate every experience, build deeper relationships, and use connection opportunities to help others grow.

When your audience knows what you stand for and your core values, they feel connected to you and want to work with you over the competition.

You know what to say. The next hurdle is how to get your message out there farther and faster.

Here are a couple of quick tips you can do right now:

  • Record a batch of videos centered around your message all in one sitting.
  • Repurpose those videos for social media, blog posts and newsletters.
  • Establish a system that teaches your team to do the repurposing for you.
  • Communicate what you stand for and your core values with your team to keep the messaging consistent.
  • Reassess your alignments and ensure each one matches up with YOUR message and values.

Now go out there and SHARE your heart and passion with the world. Start NOW by sharing with us below so others can help support you here!

Contemplate that answer, grab your trusty notebook and favorite pen, and watch this week’s video.

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Did you find the video helpful? I hope so! I’d love to hear what stood out the most for you. Please share it in the comments section!

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