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The 4 Video Marketing Tips That Will Help You Attract Qualified Buyers | Fast Track Video Ep #68

Did know that 96% of content shared over social media last year was … VIDEO? Video is now the #1 way online to attract in an overabundance of qualified buyers who are ready for the solutions that only you can offer.

Sounds like something you need to be doing in your business, doesn’t it. 😉

I’m sharing 4 expert video marketing tips that will help you increase your online exposure, build your confidence and attract those buyers who are a perfect fit. If the thought of being on camera makes you nervous, this will help!

I’m sharing:

  • How to make a more profound impact for your viewers
  • Why you don’t need to script your videos
  • My personal secrets for overcoming your nerves and keeping the momentum going

If you’re ready to take advantage of the #1 way of promoting your business and attracting the right buyers, this  Fast Track video is for you!

Learn how to leverage your videos to scale your business in this free webinar!

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  1. Awesome tips Amber! I definitely love the idea of speaking to 1 person who you really connect with. Makes a huge difference in the way the message resonates.

    You also say that people shouldn’t script their videos. I agree 100%, but generally, people probably should have an outline… you had an outline for this video with 4 talking points, and then just talked to those points, which kept it moving along, and also let us know what to expect.

    Great video!

    1. Thank you, Jonathan! I’m so glad you found these tips helpful! Having an outline instead of a script is a great way to go. You stay focused without being robotic. Here’s to your success!

  2. Agreed–without an outline you can wander all over, fail to get to your main points. I actually like to script out a longer video because it forces me to really think through and find the best way to quickly and impactfully convey an idea. But then I just work from an outline when shooting the video.

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