Live Streaming Success: Improve GUEST SPEAKER Performance to Maximize Reach and Engagement | Fast Track Video Ep #101

The secret to maximizing your guest speaker experience is building a personal connection.

Why should you start live streaming? It’s viewed SIX TIMES more than pre-recorded video and is the BEST way to reach a larger audience. Last week, we talked about how to host a successful live event. Today we’ll focus on the performance of your guest speaker and how to set them up to shine.

The advice I’m sharing with you here comes straight from our new live streaming division, StandOut.Live. If you’d like to fast track the conversation, head over there now! When we work with our StandOut.Live clients, we create an action plan based on the desired outcome. Then, we create a list of initial first guests that would be a great starting point.

In today’s Fast Track episode, I share tips from the same system we provide to our StandOut.Live clients. We set the stage for a powerful guest speaker experience!

Here is the system we follow to maximize and leverage every opportunity for elevation:

1. Opportunity One: The invitation. Make it deeply personal rather than a quick, cookie-cutter “come be on my show” message everyone else sends out. Bonus points if you create a personalized video message to send with your invitation!

2. Opportunity Two: The follow-up after your guest is booked. Get them INVESTED in your mission. You want them to believe in it as if it’s their own message. They’ll want to promote you without a single prompt if you do this!

3. Opportunity Three: Prepare yourself for the guest. Research. Research. Research.

4. Opportunity Four: The pre-live connection. Schedule your guest to log in 10-15 minutes before you go live to develop a personal connection and help them reach the “Elevate 20” level we discussed in last week’s episode (Part 1). Bring your energy from the very start…it’s contagious!

5. Opportunity Five: You’re officially LIVE. You need to extract their best side for the viewers. Pull out their wisdom and energy like a skilled surgeon!

6. Opportunity Six: The “thank you” follow-up. You’re not finished yet! Send them a follow-up “thank you” message that is just as personal as the invitation.

“Every opportunity has the potential to develop a personal connection and elevate every experience.”

Excited to maximize your speaker’s potential for a phenomenal live stream event? Great!! I share more in-depth tips on how to elevate each opportunity along the journey in today’s video. Be sure to watch it and take notes!

Curious about the live streaming program I referenced in the video? Check it out HERE.

Did you find the video helpful? I hope so! I’d love to hear what stood out the most for you. Please share it in the comments section!

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