3 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Success

Are you struggling to build your email subscriber list? Clients come to me all the time asking what they need to do to attract more subscribers. Growing your list is a long-term strategy, but there are things you can do RIGHT NOW to start gaining traction and increasing those numbers.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

I see a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners putting so much focus on the number of subscribers, that they don’t pay enough attention to the types of subscribers.

Yes, you want to see that number go up, but a successful email marketing strategy is about attracting the right people. It’s about building relationships with the people who truly need and want what you have to offer. It’s about the people you can help the most.

Always aim to offer something of value to your subscribers. Don’t just rush to create an email so that you have something to send. Every time I sit down to write a newsletter, I ask myself what my customers need the most. What will help them build their businesses? What are they struggling with at the moment? What can I give them that might solve their problem?

Do this consistently, and you’ll find that you not only attract more subscribers – but your ideal subscribers.

Focus On One Topic Per Email

When there are so many things you want to offer your subscribers, it can be really hard to focus on just one at a time. But that’s your best bet! For each email:

  • Pick one topic, and offer as much value as you can on that specific thing. It might be a tip (how to increase your Facebook following, why you need to use FreshBooks, how to reduce overwhelm, etc.), a service, a new product … anything!
  • Stay focused on that one topic. When you’re focused on one thing, your readers stay focused too! This is so much better than offering too much at once. When people feel pulled in too many directions, they get hit with information overload and will probably just delete the email. We want them to take action!
  • Take the time to thoughtfully respond to everyone who replies to your email! Everybody loves to feel appreciated!

Be Consistent

Consistency is key! As you build your email list, your subscribers will become accustomed to hearing from you on a regular basis. How often you send an email isn’t as important as creating a consistent schedule and sticking to it.

If you don’t have time to write a newsletter each and every week, that’s ok! You can send a monthly newsletter instead (say, the first Tuesday of every month). This is WAY better than trying to send a weekly newsletter that winds up not always going out. By staying consistent, your subscribers will see you as reliable. This adds to your credibility online and attracts even more ideal subscribers!

Your email subscriber list is your #1 asset when it comes to growing your business. By providing your subscribers with a ton of value, focusing on one topic at a time and staying consistent with your marketing efforts, you’ll start to attract your ideal customers and begin to build an email list of loyal readers who truly benefit from the products and services that you provide.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Comment below and let me know what you’re doing to boost your email marketing success!

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