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How to Create a Content Plan to Build Your Email List | Fast Track Video Ep #54

Do you have a content plan in place? If you need to create a content plan, or get better results with your current one, you’ll want to hear what I’m sharing with you!

I’m going to give you the tools you need to create a content plan that actually helps build your email list!

First thing’s first. Do you need a content plan? If so, I’d like you to grab a pen and piece of paper and check out this video. It’s a 5-minute (easy!) exercise that will enable you to develop your plan and boost your business success. I use it myself, and it’s incredibly effective!

Then, come back and watch this latest 4-minute fast track video. I’m giving you my favorite tip that will have you mastering a content plan that works to build your email list.

Hint: You’ll give your audience the “what” and “why” for free. The “how” is where you’ll monetize.

I’m sharing:

  • The power of a free offer
  • How to simplify the process and make things easy for yourself
  • How you’ll easily wind up with 6 new offers after you’ve watched these videos and implemented the easy steps

If you need a content plan that builds your email list and provides effective monetization opportunities, you don’t want to miss this Fast Track video!

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