How to Handle A WordPress Website Hack | Fast Track Video Ep #33


Have you ever been a victim of a WordPress website hack?  It’s the worst.  Your site is down.  You have no idea what happened.  You’re panicking!  What do you do? Things like not updating your site on a regular basis (themes, passwords, plug-ins) increase the chances of your site getting hacked.  This is why regular […]

Lead Pages vs. Sales Pages| Fast Track Video Ep #28


When it comes to lead pages vs. sales pages, are you confident that you know which is which?  These pages are used for very different purposes, so understanding the difference – and using them effectively – will help boost your success. Lead pages (also referred to as landing or opt-in pages) are distraction free pages […]

WordPress Website Security in 5 Easy Steps| Fast Track Video Ep #27


Do you have good WordPress website security in place?  Has your site ever been hacked?  If it has, you know what an awful situation that is!  Ugh! While there’s no magic step we can take to have absolute protection against anything and everything (it’s just the world we live in!), there are 5 tips I […]