Lead Pages vs. Sales Pages| Fast Track Video Ep #28

When it comes to lead pages vs. sales pages, are you confident that you know which is which?  These pages are used for very different purposes, so understanding the difference – and using them effectively – will help boost your success.

Lead pages (also referred to as landing or opt-in pages) are distraction free pages with one call to action.  Typically, they encourage people to join your email list.

Sales pages are longer, more detailed pages used when you are selling something and typically include social proof, an integrated shopping cart and delivery method.

So, which do you use?

This depends on your goal.  Are you looking to boost email subscribers?  Do you plan to run a webinar or create an affiliate site?  Maybe you’ll soon be offering an exciting new online program!

I’m explaining which type of page you should use for which purposes … and options for implementation.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to differentiate between lead and sales pages
  • Which type of page serves what purposes
  • How Click Funnels comes into play
  • How your technical ability might affect your choices

If you’ve ever been confused or uncertain about lead pages and sales pages, this Fast Track video will clear things up and boost your confidence!

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