What to Do When Nothing is Working | Fast Track Video Ep #70


Are you stuck in a rut and feeling like nothing you are doing in your business is actually working? It’s such a discouraging and defeating place to be. But, there are things you can start doing right away to get out of that rut, shift your mindset and start focusing on the wins you might […]

Why You Should Create a Prospect Call Strategy Document | Fast Track Video Ep #67

Today, I want to invite you to create a prospect call strategy document for your business. You’re basically creating a document that outlines the calls that you have with your prospects. Sounds easy enough, right? I’ve done this in my own business, and it has made a world of difference! Not only are my calls now […]

How to Create a Brand Book for Your Business | Fast Track Video Ep #65

There’s something I want you to do. I want you to create a brand book for your business! Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Guess what? It’s NOT! In fact, it’s really fun and will get you (and your team!) excited, motivated and working better as a unified organization. I just did this for my business, and […]

How To Construct Your Video Content for Maximum Impact | Fast Track Video Ep #63

I’d like to share a video training with you today answering a question that comes from our NGNG community member, Dr. Garric Vosloo, that many business owners want to know. How do you construct your video content so that it creates an impact? You wouldn’t go on a road trip without directions, and you wouldn’t create […]