It’s Time To Redesign Your Website!

A question that I often get from clients is: ”How often should I redesign my website?” I have launched about 1,000 experiential websites since 2007 (so I know a thing or two about h ow often to update your online design lol)… and that’s what I’ll be diving into during this week’s Fast Track Video! […]

The BEST Bonuses For Your Book Launch | Fast Track Video Ep #108

The BEST Bonuses For Your Book Launch! A question I often get from authors is, “What are the best bonuses I should be giving to people who buy my book on launch day?” I’ve been launching books for a long time, and it’s standard to offer certain bonuses for people in exchange for people purchasing […]

The ONE Thing You Need Before You Launch | Fast Track Video Ep #107

The ONE Thing You Need Before You Launch Your Book. As you probably know, NGNG Enterprises has been around since 2007 and in that time, not only have we launched over 1000 experiential websites for authors and speakers, but we’ve also launched dozens and dozens of #1 bestselling books! Just last week we celebrated Justin […]

Leverage To Scale Marketing Strategy Hot Seat Featuring Kathleen Zemansky

I had such a great time, today in the Hot Seat, with the radiant Kathleen Zemansky! She came ready with some POWERFUL and carefully considered questions that will help to elevate not only her own business but yours as well! Tune in below to hear Kathleen and I discuss: ? How to strengthen your list […]

Leverage To Scale Marketing Strategy Hot Seat Featuring Stephanie Sims

I want to start by thanking you, Stephanie, for being willing to step into the Hot Seat with me with an open and coachable attitude. It was my absolute pleasure to connect with you today and get a bit of a deeper look inside the brilliant business you have created.? Today’s conversation was FULL of […]

The Power of Genuine Testimonials and Compelling Social Proof


Testimonials are a powerful way to provide social proof and a clearer idea of what it’s like working with you to prospective clients. As long as the testimonials are authentic and genuine, they’ll act like magnets for new qualified referrals. I just finished an incredible podcast interview with Donald Kelly. I freaking LOVE this guy!! […]

Three Things You Need to Focus on with Online Marketing | Fast Track Video Ep #105

online marketing

“What is the most important thing that I should be focused on right now when it comes to online marketing?” I get this question all the time about online marketing, which inspired this video. Here is the super short answer: Positioning Market share Strategic collaborations Whether you started your entrepreneurial journey last night or ten […]

Live Streaming Success: Improve OVERALL Experience to Maximize Reach and Engagement

live streaming

Did you know that over EIGHTY percent of consumers would rather watch a live streaming video than read another blog post? When I say video, and especially live streaming, is hot…I’m not exaggerating. The numbers don’t lie! The reason I started a new division focused solely to help clients with viral live streaming is because […]