How to Format Your Content to Keep People Reading | Fast Track Video Ep #11

Would you believe that people have much shorter attention spans these days? Um, excuse me.  Hello?  Over here.  Did you read that first sentence?

Okay, you get my point.  But while we sometimes can’t help but laugh about the need for instant gratification these days, this actually does play a crucial role in the success of your business.

The way people prefer to absorb content has drastically changed, and you’ll need to change as well if you want people to stick around long enough to read YOUR content.

Imagine putting so much time and effort into sharing valuable and helpful content with your audience … only to have them skip right by it. Now imagine if making some quick and easy formatting changes would make all the difference!

Up for the challenge?

I’m filling you in on how to format your content in a way that keeps people on your website and reading what you have to say – – – and offer!

You’ll learn:

  • The formatting options that are easiest to digest
  • Why break-ups are a good thing when it comes to content
  • Why you don’t want to go bold-happy

If you want some super helpful tips to formatting your content in a way that keeps people reading…’re going to love this video!

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