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Maximize and Leverage Podcast Interviews to GROW Your Influence | Fast Track Video Ep #99

Podcast interviews can be immensely powerful for growing your influence and reach with your audience.

I’m going to teach you HOW to maximize and leverage every podcast interview to reach the full potential of this power! We are in a MAJOR connection crisis right now. This means it’s more important than ever to utilize every tool in your toolbox to share your valuable message with the world.

In today’s Fast Track episode, I’ll be sharing my podcast interview journey with you.

Here’s the highlighted version:

  •  Start your journey with a mindset of service and giving to anchor-in the relationship with the podcast host. I’ll give you three stages where you can do this easily and WOW the host.
  • How to create a journey for your audience that will maximize the number of people who will listen in on the episode, which will make the podcast host happy, too.
  • Why focusing on giving and building a deeper connection with every podcast host will scale your influence dramatically.

“When you continue to give, you will blow their mind, because no one is doing that right now online! They’ll WANT to promote you and recommend you to ALL their podcast host friends!!”

Ready to become a top influencer? Great! Grab your notebook and favorite pen and hit play now!

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