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Guest Blogging Still Rocks | Fast Track Video Ep #17

I’m guessing that you would love to dramatically increase your website traffic, subscribers and customers.  Am I right?  If so, you should consider guest blogging.

This is one of those amazing opportunities to grow along with those in your online community.  Everybody wins.  You leverage successful networks, build professional relationships with other industry leaders and provide incredible value to your readers.  Oh, and did I mention your website traffic can skyrocket?!?

By taking just a little time to get a program in place, you can attract other successful business experts to write blog posts for YOUR website!  It’s easy, it’s FUN and it doesn’t require a long-term commitment (although you’ll likely want to keep it going!).

I’m teaching you how to implement a guest blogging program to grow your business.  You’ll love how easy and effective this is!  

Get the scoop on:

  • How to find the right guest bloggers
  • Timing and implementation
  • What makes it a win-win situation
  • Effectively promoting for maximum exposure
  • How this can grow your credibility and bring in new subscribers, followers and customers

If you want to increase your exposure while providing some serious value to others, I highly recommend watching this quick video!

What did you think of this Fast Track Training?
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2 Responses

  1. Really great ideas here Amber. I have done guest posting on other sites, but I’ve never considered doing it for my own website. I just don’t get a great deal of traffic. But I do have a list. I am already thinking about ways I could better promote some of my partners. Most of them I assume are too busy to create a unique post for a lower traffic, but very influenctial, site.

    What kind of traffic boosts are you seeing for b2b sites?

    1. I’m so glad that helped Mandi! I would definitely encourage you to try guest blogging for your own site. It’s a great way to take the pressure of your needing to make regular content, and would be a great way to highlight your partners. I can’t speak to active stats on B2B boost, but at least I could offer you a jumping off point. No Guts No Glory! 😉

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