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Choosing Your Ideal Email Marketing System | Fast Track Video Ep #25

Are you struggling with trying to decide which email marketing system to implement for your business?  If you are, you’re part of a BIG club!  😉

With so many systems to consider (Constant Contact, iContact, Aweber, MailChimp and InfusionSoft to name just a few!), it’s no wonder you’re at a stand still.

But help is on the way in this latest 4-min Fast Track video.

I’ve worked with so many of these systems over the years, and I want to help make your decision easier.  I share the biggest differences between them, what works best for different business set ups and the downfalls and highlights of each.

Selecting the ideal email marketing system for your business is crucial.

Are you ready?

You’ll learn:

  • Which systems are the best of the bunch
  • Which best accommodate your needs
  • When it’s worth upgrading to the “big one”

Let these tips inform you so that you can make the best decision for your marketing needs.  This Fast Track video will save you time and money … who doesn’t love that?!?

What did you think of this Fast Track Training?
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4 Responses

    1. Hey Sara – ConvertKit is just starting to rise in popularity slowly but surely, and the others never got off the ground too much. I’d say ConvertKit is one to look into, but the others I mentioned are extremely popular and mainstream (largely for a reason). So you may start there and see what is the right fit for you. Unfortunately every system has little differences, so we learn by getting in there and using a system and trying to make it work based on our needs. Everyone’s needs are SO different so my best advice is to be patient during the process of selecting the best system for you. I’m grateful you watched this video and keep me posted how the search goes or if you need anything else! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for the info. I’m currently using MailChimp, but I’m at a point where my readership is growing to the next level so I’m researching all the options. 🙂 I’m also working on ebooks and other resources so will be getting more into needing a storefront and drip campaigns or sales funnels. All of that can be so confusing to wade through.

        1. Oh great Sara! I LOVE this stage of growth in a business! I think I’d have you look at Aweber or ConvertKit next. I just have that sense after looking through your website and because of what you just said. If you ever need help setting these things up, feel free to reach out and schedule a call with us anytime. We love helping business and entrepreneurs like you!! 🙂

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