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An Amazing Way to Monetize Your Business Monthly | Fast Track Video Ep #5

Looking for a fun and easy way to monetize your business? The thought of creating new ways to grow your online business can be so overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are very effective ways in which to do this while keeping your sanity ….. and offering incredible value to your customers.

I’m getting into detail about creating a monthly video training program for your audience.  If you think this sounds like a much bigger project than what you can take on, please give the idea a chance.  I promise you, it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think!

In fact, this is something that you can start TODAY!

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify exactly what your audience needs
  • How to set up your program
  • Which training topic to launch first
  • How to effectively promote
  • How easy it is to stay a step ahead and make it easy on yourself (really!)

If you’re looking to step up your game and conveniently monetize your business monthly, you’re going love this video!

Amber, you are the ultimate example of someone who is providing massive value with a positive attitude to educate & empower your subscribers! Thanks so much!”
– Lee Garrison Tennis & Fitness PRO at FIT FOR TENNIS

Amber, I love this idea – it’s all about the video. I, too, do video marketing training. Thanks for sharing your insight. Let me know how I can serve you.
– Sharon Frame LeadHERship™ Coach, Award-Winning CNN Anchor/Writer; Executive Speaking Coach and Consultant

Thank you, Amber! You inspired me because I started a local meetup, and I put a lot of time into preparing it, so I might as well create a video on it for subscription. You rule! Always providing such value!!!
– Steve Wofford Author, Speaker and Coach

In a world full of business coaches and web developers, Amber Vilhauer elevates her company far above her competition with friendly, helpful video stories.
– Kevin Campbell CEO and Master of Storytelling

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One Response

  1. Your video gave me a brillant insight into a ready-made resource. I have a google alert for “core values”, which is part of my USP. Each day, I get a sampling of who’s talking about values and how it relates to the specific group, person, company, etc. I have a year’s worth of these topics in my folder.
    I can skim the google alerts and filter them for key words that relate to business and entreprenuers and get lots of insights to what people are interested in and why values matter to them.

    Ready-made topics and people’s comments on each subject. My “big take away”.

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