Improve Your Sales Conversion with Clear Messaging and Positioning | Fast Track Video Ep #78

Are you struggling to improve your sales conversion, despite doing all the things you’ve been told to do in terms of marketing and promotion? How would you like a communication hack that will finally get you the results you need? That’s what I’m sharing with you today, along with an important “challenge” that will have you looking at your website and content materials with fresh eyes.

I can tell you that if you’re in this position, chances are it’s not you or your offers causing this roadblock. Often times, the problem is that you’re not clear in your messaging and positioning. This is not an uncommon situation to find yourself in, and it’s nothing you can’t fix!

We can’t be all things to all people.

Most people approach their sales page copy, emails, social media, funnels, books, you name it… trying to attract in all people! They want to capture the widest audience and get their message in front of as many people as possible. Surely, this will give you the best chance of conversion, right?


And I should know because I used to do the same thing back when I first started my business. I learned that the real way to attract in the right people is to get really clear and specific about your messaging and positioning. I learned that it’s not about how many people you’re attracting. It’s about attracting the right people.

When you have a clear vision of who the “right people” are, you’re able to create content that appeals directly to them. This is what pulls in the people who will love and appreciate how much you “get them.” These are the people who will want to work with you. And this is when you will finally improve your sales conversion.

In this video, I’m sharing:

  • The one thing you must remember to add to your content to get that conversion
  • My personal thought process around finding my ideal website development clients
  • An eye-opening challenge that will have you taking an honest look at your content

If you’re ready to get clear on your messaging and positioning and achieve noticeable conversion results, watch this video!

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