The Most Critical Metrics and Growth Numbers to Track In Your Online Business Each Week

One of the biggest areas that most business owners fall short on is results and growth tracking. You likely have no clue the metrics that measure your results (and that’s a pretty big deal if you want to grow!).

Instead of hinting at what I mean, I’m going straight to the point. I’d like you to consider immediately putting this in motion:

Reach out to your Virtual Assistant (VA) and ask that person to start sending you a metrics summary email every Friday. Here is what that person should track:

Social Media: (all that apply)

  • Total YouTube subscribers:
  • Total Facebook followers:
  • Total LinkedIn connections:
  • Total Twitter followers:
  • Total Instagram followers:

Website & Email Marketing:

  • Number of monthly website visits:
  • Email blast open rate:
  • Email blast click through rate:
  • Total number of email subscribers:

Of course, there’s always more that could be tracked, but measuring your marketing numbers is really important so you can predict cash flow and future sales.

Tracking your numbers brings you greater focus, quickly shows you problem areas and improves the performance of your team (because now they have something to compete with and that holds them accountable). We have to dig in and get you moving in the right direction.

Another huge area most business owners fall short on is they are not marketing their business consistently (…because you don’t have a solid plan you’re confident in, you are frustrated trying to battle technology, and you just wish you had the right team to support you).

So if you’re not tracking your growth, and you’re not marketing consistently, then what are you doing? Spinning.

I can support you to get on track with both marketing and growth!

Bottom line, if you are SICK and TIRED of . . .

  • not making progress and serious profit in your business
  • … feeling defeated, stuck and exhausted trying to “do it all” yourself
  • … technology weighing you down and holding you back from getting your message out to the world, and impacting FAR more people
  • … spending tens of thousands of dollars buying into products, programs and memberships that only teach you “part” of the solution and just leave you feeling overwhelmed and full of regret
  • … not using your gifts and talents in the way you know you could if you JUST had the right help, the right plan, the right combination of elements…

…then stay closely connected with me and keep learning the FASTEST way to market online WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

I have your back and I promise to never waste your time!

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