A Comprehensive Social Media Checklist and Strategy to Grow an Engaged Following

A BIG need business owners have is wanting a “simple, clear checklist” they can follow for social media. Otherwise you’re spinning your wheels and wasting time NOT getting results. Or you overspend hiring someone who “hopefully” knows what they are doing.

Today I’m going to go straight to the key areas of a great social media strategy so you can stay in the driver’s seat of your organization AND get results!

Here’s Your Comprehensive Social Media Checklist and Strategy to Grow an Engaged Following:

  • How often should you post? 2-3 times per day on most networks, 5 times per day on Twitter
  • What networks should I be on? It depends (of course). The key is to be “consistent” in your efforts. If you can’t be consistent on all networks, start with just one or two and add more as you have the bandwidth. (Or, the better way is get a virtual assistant to manage this for you, and then have a presence on all major online channels…)
  • What should you post? A mix of “post types” to keep your content interesting for followers.
  • What are some post types I can use?
    • Share a quick tip
    • Fill in the blank
    • Share a quote
    • A true/false statement
    • An inspirational video
    • Ask a question
    • Share a photoquote (image with a quote on it)
    • A piece of “your” free content (blog post, video, podcast)
    • Promote a lead magnet (to get people on your email list)
    • Advertise something for sale (product, program, coaching call, etc)
  • How do I maintain a balanced approach?
    • You want to have a mix of 50% inspirational content (such as quotes and videos), and 50% educational content (such as tips or how-to articles).
    • You want to “directly” promote “your” stuff about 20% of the time, and spend 80% of your social efforts on engaging with your audience (through questions, fill in the black, T/F etc), and sharing other expert articles (to build partnership opportunities, prove you’re about collaboration and not just about yourself).
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make with social media?
    • For sure, not being consistent with A) how often they’re posting, and B) the type of content they’re posting.
    • Spending too much time on social media being “distracted” with your news feed, and not leveraging it for your highest potential of return.
    • Thinking there’s more to it. It’s literally about…being social. The rest of the world doesn’t know more than you. People who are successful just post content regularly that educates and inspires their audience. It’s about action.

…Likely, in an effort to over-deliver, you’re not delivering anything. (Awwww man!)

  • What’s the BIGGEST and MOST important clue I can give you about how to get the highest amount of social media success?
    • Video, video, VIDEO.

Video will be more important for social media success than ever before. According to Smart Insights, 90% of all content shared by users on social media last year was video.

You HAVE to EMBRACE where technology is headed… We have to dig in and get you moving in the right direction.

Bottom line, if you are SICK and TIRED of . . .

  • not making progress and serious profit in your business
  • … feeling defeated, stuck and exhausted trying to “do it all” yourself
  • … technology weighing you down and holding you back from getting your message out to the world, and impacting FAR more people
  • … spending tens of thousands of dollars buying into products, programs and memberships that only teach you “part” of the solution and just leave you feeling overwhelmed and full of regret
  • … not using your gifts and talents in the way you know you could if you JUST had the right help, the right plan, the right combination of elements…

…then stay closely connected with me and keep learning the FASTEST way to market online WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

I have your back and I promise to never waste your time!

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