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how to develop a personal connection

How To Develop A Strong Personal Connection | Fast Track Video Ep #93

My friend, Dave Smith of the Online Trainers Federation, recently said something that really resonated with me. He said: “We …

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morning routine

My Daily Morning Routine to Crush the Day Ahead | Fast Track Video Ep #92

I’ve discovered MY morning routine for endless energy and focus (well, almost endless). It keeps me going all out, every …

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How to Communicate With Your Team | Fast Track Video Ep #91

Do you struggle with understanding how to communicate with your team as an entrepreneur? It’s not as easy as being …

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book page

How to Create a Book Page That Converts | Fast Track Video Ep #90

Does your book page spark excitement for readers and entice them to buy multiple copies of your book? If you’re …

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opt-in offer

How to Create a Compelling Opt-in Offer That Converts | Fast Track Video Ep #89

Does your website have an opt-in offer that converts visitors into customers consistently? In all the years I’ve designed websites, …

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How to Select the Best Fonts and Colors for Your Business Branding | Fast Track Video Ep #88

When it comes to branding your business, you have many decisions to make. You want each decision to get you …

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Must-Have Tips for Your Website Photoshoot | Fast Track Video Ep #87

Your website needs to offer visitors a memorable experience. Part of what makes a website unforgettable is the inclusion of …

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3 Content Hacks for Video, Social Media, and Blogs | Fast Track Video Ep #86

We’ve all experienced the pressure of trying to develop valuable content to put out into the world. That’s why I’m …

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How to Get More Client Testimonials to Boost Your Business | Fast Track Video Ep #85

Did you know that client testimonials are a crucial component of your online business? People want to hire those who …

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A Social Media Process to Grow, Build, and Save Time | Fast Track Video Ep #84

Here’s something we ALL know – time is limited! So how do we do it all? How do we have …

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